The Absolute Best Hammocks For Backpacking In 2020 – Reviewed!

Hammocks are considered as the best equipment for backpacking trips as they make sleeping comfortable and better than sleeping on the ground even in the lap of nature. You need not worry to have a tent or unevenness or rocky ground to sleep on if you have good quality hammocks within your backpack. You only have to worry about buying the best backpacking hammocks before starting for a backpacking trip. Some basic information about backpacking hammocks is provided here under to help you in buying the best one for your backpacking trip.

What is a hammock?

A hammock is a sling type structure made of, rope, netting or fabric suspended between two points. It is normally used for sleeping, resting or swinging in the open. Normally it contains one or more woven network of twine, thin rope or cloth panels stretched between two firm anchor points like posts or trees with the help of ropes.

Things to consider while buying hammocks

While buying the best backpacking hammocks there are certain things to be considered, given here under:

Weight of the hammock: Though you can find wide variety of hammocks in the market but to make your backpacking trip more enjoyable you should buy ultra-light hammocks. It will help you in keeping the weight of your backpack within the limit to enjoy the outdoor adventures more effectively.

Dimensions of hammock: If you are buying a hammock to sleep in the open during your backpack trip then it should be longer and wider to make it more comfortable while sleeping. But if you are buying it for day time use then you can opt for average sized hammock as you do not need extra space during daytime.

Strength of the hammock: The hammock you buy for your backpacking trip should be made of quality materials to ensure your safety and comfort while sleeping on it. It must be made by a trusted manufacturer who ensures for its long life, if used carefully.

Capability of the hammock: The capability of a hammock depends upon its size and quality of material. It must be bigger in size and made of stronger material if it is to be used by two persons. But it also increases the weight in your backpack. So you can choose a hammock as per your requirements.

Using options: You can find different types of hammocks depending upon how you want to use them. If you want to use it just for chilling out then you need not buy one normally used for sleeping. There is difference in the weight and price of both of these hammocks.

Straps: You should buy straps separately if you are planning your backpacking trip on the countryside as you will have to hang your hammock on the trees at longer distance than the length of your hammock.

Cost of hammock: You can find hammocks in wide price range but while buying the best backpacking hammock you may have to spend lots of your hard earned money. So you should focus on all the positive points discussed above while buying it for your backpacking trip.

Expected price range of good backpacking hammocks

Normally backpacking hammocks are available in the price range from $70 to $190 depending upon the quality of their materials and other positive features. You can find the best one according to your needs and budget in this regard.

Where to buy backpacking hammocks

You can buy the best backpacking hammocks of your choice from any trusted online or offline store. But before buying it you should confirm about their return or exchange policy and warranty for their product.

Reasons to prefer backpacking hammocks than a tent

Many people prefer backpacking hammocks over tent while planning a backpacking trip as the former is much better than the later one in many ways like:

Backpacking hammocks are lighter in weight than a tent

It is easy to set up than a tent

It offers more comfort and enjoyment than a tent

A hammock makes sleeping easier and more comfortable than sleeping on ground in a tent

You need not toss on the uneven or rocky ground while sleeping on a hammock

A hammock allows you to breathe in the open than a closed environment of a tent.

Thus while buying the best backpacking hammocks you should consider all the tips and suggestions provide in this write-up.

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