The Withings Activité Steel Watch – Reviewed!

Withings Activité Steel is the award winning watch that is able to track all your activity like running, walking, swimming, calories burned and intake. There is no need for pressing any buttons, because it is all done automatically. The watch is built from premium materials. It has chrome hands and a soft sport strap made of silicon, coupled with stainless 316L steel case. The Activité Steel watch is water resistant up to 150 feet (50 meters). It can automatically detect when you sleep, and recognize light and deep sleep cycle patterns. It detects any sort of sleep interruption, and is able to measure the total sleep duration. It is also equipped with the silent, vibration based wake up alarm. Activité is able to automatically sync via bluetooth with the free Health Mate application, available on android and iOS. Which enables you to track and analyze all your activity data on your smartphone. Steel is powered with the button cell, standard watch battery that can hold up to 8 months of use, so there is no need to charge it. Which means you can focus more on your daily tasks and progress.

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