The Primos Gunhunters Vest – Reviewed!

If you are looking for a hunting vest that can carry a ton of stuff when you go hunting, you may have come across the Primos Gunhunter’s Vest. You may even be thinking about buying it. Here is a review of the good and bad about the jacket to help you make your decision.

The Pros:

The first thing you may notice about this vest that it is very easy to put on. There are no complicated adjustments you need to make before you can wear it. It will also fit comfortably over your large jacket if you intend to wear that. There are three well placed large plastic buttons at the front and also on the large cargo pockets. There isn’t a zipper. The large buttons will do well when you have to use them with gloves on. This is good for your hunting trip.

The really handy part and perhaps the most attractive feature of this hunting vest are its sixteen pockets. Each one is designed for a specific function. At the front are two large pockets with loops made of elastic which are designed to hold your ammunition. There are two small square pockets for your game calls. Also, on the front are two long and horizontal pockets for keeping a small flashlight or other stuff that may come handy. Then there is one small pocket to hold your IDs and two more lined pockets where you can rest your hands.

Finally, on the back, there are two round elastic pockets where you can hold water bottles or shooting sticks. The back also has one large cargo pocket with a zip. That is all there on the back. On the inside of the vest, there are two large mesh pockets which will help with storage and also two smaller pockets to hold walkie-talkie and a cell phone.

There are also safety features including a flap that you can pull down and sit on and an opening for a safety harness behind the shoulders. Other stuff included are a red LED light and a small thermometer & compass combo. The materials used for the jacket and its pockets feel solid and durable.

The Cons:

There aren’t many things to dislike about this jacket. However, the compass provided was a cheap one and it is not something you could rely on. Also, it may be a little different from your old hunting vest in terms of the color but on the whole, it is a solid and reliable product.

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