The HP Envy 4520 Wireless Color Photo Printer – Reviewed!

When you are looking for a perfect printer, it is always good to opt for a product that will match your needs. The industry is changing as seen in modern printing introductions every now and then. More features with quicker and larger capacity that can serve office work. In HP Envy 4520 Wireless Color Photo printer, you will be getting a perfect modern product that anyone has ever wished for. Since I purchased it over 6 months ago, this product continues to offer much than any other small printer scanner I’ve seen. Here is its brief description.

Product description

This small printer scanner is compact enough to be placed anywhere in a busy office. It thus helps do more in small spaces. This HP printer can both scan, print and photocopy at the same time. It comes with easy controls making it easier use and even assemble. It is the type of inkjet printer that can save up to 50% of your ink and print faster than any other product I have seen. It is perfect for 2-sided printing and has can print for any mobile device. It has wireless capacity to save you the hustle of having cables running around the office. Here are some of its features.

Features and specification

Scanner, printer and copier – 3-in-1 functions as to make handling different tasks easier and faster.
Compact design- To enable fit in tight spaces of small offices.

Photo printer – produces detail-clear photos faster and in large numbers.

Control screen – it has touch buttons to help key in different printing, scanning and copying commands.


.It is easy to assemble and use. This printer also has a higher printing capacity. In addition, the 3-in-1 type of a small scanner printer that does all the three functions efficiently. Another advantage of this printer is that its compact and can fit in small spaces thus perfect for space-tied offices. It will save you on ink up to 20%. And finally HP Envy 4520 printer offers high quality photos with intense clarity.


No defects so far have been reported by the users. This is because the product is designed to work efficiently with less bustle. However, I’ve seen guys raise concerns about the manufacturers not having a full printed manual. There is only a brief description of the product. However, I believe it is easier to assemble than most of the scanner printers I have used.

Finally, there are a number of things one needs to consider before buying a small scanner printer. The speed, efficiency and capacity that most other products cannot. You will find all that you need in the HP Envy wireless 4520 printer. Try it out and experience the ease.

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