The Holstein Housewares HF-09031R Non-Stick Heart Waffle Maker – Reviewed!

The Holstein Housewares HF-09031 heart Waffle Maker is a product that will provide its users with fascinating features and an unforgettable experience. This heart shaped waffle machine from Holstein Housewares makes for the user four waffles with a heart like shape in a matter of minutes. This appliance is 100% non-stick and that is the reason behind its user-friendliness with regards to washing and cooking. It also has stands or feet that are non-slip so that it remains firm on any surface. This waffle maker is quite simple to use, in addition to saving one the energy, money and time. Its non-stick coating facilitates easy cleaning. It measures 12.1” × 8.5” × 3.9” and weighs 3.6 pounds.


Indicator lights

This incredible heart shaped waffle maker has indicator lights that serve to alert the user when it is on and is ready to bake waffles.

Fast baking

It can comfortably make 4 delicious heart-shaped waffles at a go in only afew minutes so that you can enjoy them with friends and family.

Non-stick coating

It has a non-stick coating that is easy to cook and clean. This is quite convenient as the user does not have to smuggle cleaning it each time it is used.


This one of a kind waffle maker has a safety lock that functions to keep the maker in a closed state. Its non-slip feet are also handy in that they keep it securely in place on all surfaces. Al these measures are meant to guarantee your safety while using this stylish waffle maker.

Indicator light

It was designed with indicator lights that signal the user whenever the waffle maker is pre-heated and ready to be used.

Storage feature

It has an upward storage feature that assists in saving space especially in surfaces such as counters that are crowded. This ensures that the space in your kitchen in used to the optimum.


The Holstein Housewares HF-09031heart shaped waffle machine has numerous advantages. For starters, the waffles are easy to make and are released with ease as they do not stick at all. It is packaged with recipes and an instruction manual. It is consistent as it makes perfect waffles each time it is used, this implies that it is very reliable. It makes waffles that look good, taste delicious and are perfectly sized.


Some of its limitations include the following:
Unlike other waffle makers, you cannot leave waffles in it and expect them to be fine. It has a tendency of getting hot quite quickly.


This heart shaped waffle machine is a product that gives 

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