The Canon PIXMA MG2920 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer – Reviewed!

Shopping for printers is a very technical job. You always want a product that will meet your needs while at the same time be budget friendly. With many offices still relying on printing each day, it is always important to have a printer that will meet the demands. If you are searching for a perfect product then considering Canon PIXMA MG2920 wireless printer will prove to be very viable. It can do everything that is required of a small printer scanner. Canon have been known to offer reliable and technology oriented products and this was no exception.


The Canon PIXMA MG2920 wireless small printer scanner comes in a compact design that will be suitable for any space tied busy office. It is the type of all-in-one printer that you that can scan, photocopy and print at the same time. This inkjet printer deliver an amazing photo quality capturing every detail as shot by the camera. All these thanks the 4800 x 600 dpi resolution capacity.

With canon having incorporated wireless capabilities, you can now print from nearly any device when in different places of the house or office. Times have changed and no one is currently relying on cable printers. You find it to be compatible with most smartphones, laptops and even desktops. This product goes for$150 on amazon.


Scanner- this inkjet printer has made easier to scan document at the comfort of a mere click.

Copier – apart from its main printing role, the MG2920 can also photocopy offering faster delivery than most products in the market.

Side controls – it has buttons and a digital screen on the sides to enable key in commands.


. Easy to assemble and use as it comes with fine cartridges and manuals to help out in case you get stuck.
. Very compact thus can be squeezed in small offices for easier accessibility any time.
. Easily scans and prints from smartphones and any other wireless devices.
. Environment friendly and it has a quiet mode that makes it easier to print without making noise for other people in the office.
. Larger sheet paper tray which can hold up 500 papers for faster printing.
.Prints more as it can handle over 30, 000 papers averagely per month.


Such a wonderful product rarely has any concerns. However, a number of customers feel setting it up present some difficulty. You should ensure that the ink cartridges are correctly placed to avoid setting up again.

Finally, of all the latest wireless product in the market, the efficiency and speed that this product offers is quite amazing. You will really love its performance. Simply read the manual and set it up correctly for faster printing. You can always order for a different color if black

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