2020’s Best Citizen Watches – Reviewed!

The technological world has experienced tremendous revolutions over the past few decades. This has witnessed the innovation of many gadgets that have improved the lives of human beings throughout the world. The production of wrist watches has seen great improvements and changes. Key players in the industry have gone out of their way to ensure that they make top notch watches that will leave their clients satisfied with their purchases. Indeed, who does not want to have a high-quality timepiece that will serve them for a lifetime? If so, then you can consider buying a watch manufactured by the Citizen Watch Company. This article delves deeper into the Citizen Company and the watches that they make. It also looks at some of the milestones that this company has overcome and their achievement.In the past few years, most companies have come up with various initiatives to lure peopel into buying their watches, promising superficial quality. However, the brand that is still trusred in the market is the Citizen Watches.

Are you aware that Citizen rose from a small business that manufactured mechanical wristwatches to become a household name that is revered by everyone? Citizen has since become a very key player in the production of watches worldwide and has managed to include some new concepts in the manufacture of watches that have not yet been incorporated by other companies. One of these innovations and improvements is their manufacture of Eco-Drive watches that utilize a new concept in the category of watches. Indeed, this has become a company to reckon with since no other company has managed to reach their caliber in the timepiece category. The Citizen Watches are made on the concept of global citizenry and togetherness. The men’s watches are designed to be as beautiful as they appear. Surely, any man worth his salt will fall in love with this kind of watches and what they can bring to the table; affordability and quality at its highest.

It all started in 1918 when the Shokosha Watch Research Insitute started manufacturing pocket watches. This institute was founded by Kamekichi Yakamazi, a Tokyo jeweler. Unknown to many people, the first commercial watch of this brand was sold in 1924 by the brand name Citizen. This was the caliber 16 pocket watch which received a good reception in the market. The production of the Citizen Warch Company was however slowed down by the Second World War. This war had catastrophic effects n the Japanese watch industry and the world as a whole. The founders, however, managed to turn tables and maneuver through the difficult situation. The Citizen Watch Company has since increased its operations and opened its branches in over 100 countries in the world.

The company changed its name from Shokosha Watch Research Institute to Citizen Watch Company because the latter was better and could gain more recognition all over the world. The company appointed a new president after the Second World War. This presented the start of a new era by the corporation. The new President, Eiichi Yamada had a clear and in-depth understanding of what the company needed to move forward and achieve success. He ensured that the Company went global by spearheading the creation of the Citizen Trading Company. This was the subsidiary that was given the responsibility of marketing the brand around the world. Additionally, it was after the appointment of the new president that the company commenced the production of mechanical watches that were ultimately the breakthroughs for the watch industry in Japan.

The Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive watch is also one of the best in the wristwatch category. This is because it does not lose time. Additionally, it has a top notch powered light system that keeps it going all year round devoid of any maintenance. It has a titanium layer that keeps it safe from harmful things like scratches as a well as shock. This is a wrist watch that is water resistant hence you are assured that it will get spoilt in case you decide to bring it along with you to the beach or swimming pool. Moreover, it has some additional premium features such as a dual-time display, alarm function, chronograph subdial and date window.

It is worth noting that the Electronic Age signified the innovation in which most of the watches manufactured by Citizen Company were born. The Citizen Watch Company saw the window of open opportunity during the Electronic Age and partnered with one of the American giants in the watch category, Bulova. They took this chance and manufactured some of their most famous models, coupled with advanced features. The Electronic Age was however viewed as a potential threat by the manufacturers of Mechanical Wrist Watches in Switzerland. The Citizen Watch Company ensured that they incorporated a new feature in their watches ever year that made their customers even more satisfied. One of the breakthroughs was the manufacture of the Citizen X- 8. This watch gained major popularity in the market since it was the first titanium watch ever to be produced in history. They ensured that they gained more market traction in the 70s and 80s when most companies that made wrist watches focused more on the production of thin watches. In this segment, the Citizen Watch Company ensured that they competed favorably by come of the major names in the industry such as ETA and Seiko.

The company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of Eco-friendly watches. This was jump started by the launch of the Citizen Eco-Drive. By adhering to this drive, they ensured that their watches henceforth utilized the concept of solar power as opposed to the traditional battery power. This move started in 1995, in which the watches that were produced concurrently could employ the use of both artificial and natural light. This step was widely welcomed by most of their customers since it ensured that they no longer needed to replace batteries in the watches. The Eco-Drive catapulted them to the front row in the manufacture of wrist watches worldwide.

The company has stayed true to their slogan “Better Starts Now” and have never reneged on their promise of providing high-quality watches to its clients. This slogan carries the belief that it is always better to make something better or new regardless of who you are. It also goes on to mean that the moment to start doing something new is now. They have a strong belief that better and now are both infinite. In their slogan, they also believe that it is their role to open new doors for the watch industries. One of the inspirations that keep them going is that the process of manufacturing watches is still a work in progress, contrary to the belief that it is a history lesson. They believe in the exploration of new opportunities together with experimenting with different methods in the course of manufacturing their devices, leaving no room to chance. Every part of the watches is crafted by the craftsmen in the company using their machines. Indeed, a good work slogan ensures that the employees in the company always stick to their mission and vision. At the Citizen Watch Company, they view the world as a place to be measured in steps rather than being measured in seconds.

A fascinating thing about the history of the Citizen Watch Company is the past 25 years. This is because it is the period in which they have become trendsetters in the watch manufacturing category. Citizen has produced some of the best watches in the world. The slimmest LCD watch together with the first watch with a voice recognition. They are also credited with the manufacture of the first timepiece with an electronic depth sensor. These are the achievements that will always ensure that the Citizen Watch Company have a foothold in the watch industry.

One of the key watches in the series produced by the Citizen Watch Company is the Skyhawk A-T series. This watch has managed to have a firm place in the market because it is packed with the finest technology available. The watches in these series can synchronize accurately with the atomic clocks that are located in America, Europe, and Japan. Another feature that cannot be overlooked in the Citizen watches series is the Deployment Clasp that has a push button known as the DCP Clasp. This feature is used with the leather straps as well.

The Citizen Watches are recognized worldwide for their cutting edge technology in the manufacture of watches. Some of the most famous series from this collection are Aqualand, Bangle, Serano, Perpetual Calendar, Silhouette, Electra, Corso among many others. It is even more commendable that some leading American Athletes have confessed of the top notch quality of timepieces manufactured by the Citizen Watch Company. Some sporting gurus such as Eli Manning, Paula Creamer, and Matt Kenseth prefer to wear one of the watches in these series to every sporting event that they attend. Furthermore, the Citizen Company has gained widespread recognition in the American market and has proven this by sponsoring major tournaments in the US. Some of these tournaments are theWorld Figure Skating Championship and the US Open.

Over the past decades, the Citizen Watch Company has been recognised as the owner of the Eco-Drive Technology, a concept which they came up with due to their creativity in design and innovation. This technology is now standard in most of the watches that come off the production lines of the Citizen Watch Company. Due to this, they went ahead and clinched the award for the best watch for three consecutive years from 2006. It is one of the Japanese watches that are available for sale in the United Kindom.

The Eco Drive Technology ensures that you will not have to expose your watch regularly to light. The watch can use its stored energy to for up to six months even when it is placed somewhere that is dark. The Citizen watch has a rechargeable battery that is charged by the light that penetrates through the watch’s dial. Since it is quite obvious that not all customers can afford to purchase the high-end models of the Citizen Watches, the company has been innovative enough also to make the quartz watches. These are budget friendly and the perfect choice for someone who wants a top of the range watch at a pocket-friendly price. However, these have a rechargeable battery that you will need to replace once in a while.

The Citizen Watch Company started to target the Japanese Military in the 1940s. They also began to ship their watches to Southeast Asia in 1936 as a response to the emerging need to these watches in the region. They started to target the elite members of the society soon after the end of the Economic Depression; which was quite an uphill task taking into consideration that the economy of the world was in a bad state during that very period. The Citizen Watch Company has even made the bold and risky move and has started manufacturing various watch pieces for their rivals.

The company took into close consideration that people would need the watch for different purposes, hence designed them for people in various professions. Some brands are available for both casual and for administrative purposes. This ensures that you get the watch for any purpose that you need. These are watches that are suitable for people who are always on the go since they adjust automatically to new time zones. This prevents you from the hassle of having to readjust the watch every time you enter a new time zone.

The Bottom Line.

A wrist watch is indeed a priceless asset to most people since time immemorial. This is why some people have gone out of their ways and purchased some of the best brands in the market. One of the brands that have been bought by most peoples who are time conscious is the Citizen Watch. The reason why some people do not mind breaking an arm and a leg to acquire a Citizen watch is that thy have been designed to precision and engineered to perfection. Having a piece will give you the ultimate satisfaction and set you apart 

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