The Apex 8695-25 Commercial Garden Hose – Reviewed!

The Apex 8695-25 Commercial Garden Hose is a product that is suitable for extreme conditions of temperature and is highly flexible. It is a solution to all the problems that one faces while using a commercial garden hose. Below listed are some of the features and related advantages of using Apex 8695-25 Commercial Garden Hose.

Features and Advantages

The hose generally comes in the dimension of 11.25 inches W x 11.25 inches D x 3.50 inches. It is made in a way that it can be used in extreme conditions of temperature and can be used with hot water ranging to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It is equipped with heavy duty radially arranged braid for sustaining high strength of burst. Kink guard strong sleeves have been used to stop kinking near the faucets. The hose is leak-proof. The use of flexible rubber helps to adjust at times of cold weather. There has been extensive use of rubber in the construction of the hose to accommodate both, hot water and cold water. Above all, it comes with a replacement guarantee. The most celebrated feature other than its adaptability to high temperatures is its detachable watering hose.


However, there are a few disadvantages of the Apex 8695-25 Commercial Garden Hose. The prominent one is that the hose is made to be used for outdoor purposes only. This limits its use in any indoor activity. Some people could make its weight a negative for the product; although it comes with a weight of 5.6 pounds approximately. It is available in red colour only. It is also not 100% percent lead free. Apart from this, there might be a need to replace the washer every year. This would further increase the longevity of this rubber garden hose.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Apex 8695-25 rubber garden hose is a very successful product in the market and provides great level of satisfaction to its users. Buyers often buy a few other products along with the hose, such as, the Nelson High Temperature and High-Pressure Rated Rear Trigger Industrial Spray Nozzle and the Gilmour Rubber Hose Washers. The rear trigger spray nozzle can be used for outdoor cleaning purposes as it is leak free and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The hose washers are also a common buy as they help a great deal in washing machines and gardens. They also come with the excellent feature of high temperature resistance. They can work in very high and extreme low temperature conditions. Happy Gardening!!

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