2020’s Absolute Best Watches For Pilots – Reviewed!

They are also called pilot watches and are very similar to dive watches. They are so interesting that they are sometimes worn by people that have nothing to do with flying or diving.

There are several types of aviator watches. The first ones were given to pilots from World War II and the Vietnam War. These watches were plain, simple 12/24 military timekeepers with no chronographic feature. This is why one can state that this was not a pilot watch as the chronographic feature is a necessity when flying a plane with basic instrumentation.

Pilots have many specific needs that which have to be met by an aviator watch. They often need to know the time from different time zones, and because of this many watches have dials and displays that can be changed. Another important feature is the visibility. This is why most watches are large and have a black background which contrasts well with the hands.

There are aviator watches that can also be used as chronometers. Pilots usually rely on accurate timing, and this is why it is very important for them to have a watch that is reliable. Also, these types of watches are designed to function even in extreme heat or freezing temperatures. An aviator watch can operate in conditions of extreme humidity, and they are sometimes water-resistant. There are also pilot watches that are given to astronauts, but they have special features that make them reliable in space.

Because of the interest in aviator- related items, people have started to wear aviator sun-glasses, aviator jackets and many other accessories including watches. The watch has been an attractive item to own especially because some designers have created unique aviator watches, aviator look-alike watches, with special ornaments. So if you are interested in purchasing this type of watch or some other types you have a variety of choices where to pick from.

As we all know, pilots and astronauts are people who spend much of their time in the air. You might wonder why a pilot would ever need a watch; after all the plane system offers information about anything one might think of. It is true, but a pilot’s watch does not come to deny the importance of apparatuses; its role is to show time and to complement the personality of the wearer.

Head in the clouds (or not), pilots know for sure what kind of watch to wear, and the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches have been created especially for them. Sober but very elegant and suitable for this kind of life, these watches have a mechanism synonymous with precision.

The Fortis watches, which first appeared in 1912, are now among the most appreciated timepieces by those whose life is full of adventure. These professional pilot watches have a wide range of functions which turn them into a line of precise and reliable accessories for anyone who ventures into the sky.

Created with an ETA automatic movement, day and date indications, sweep seconds and 28,800 semi-vibrations per hour, the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches contain 25 jewels and an Incabloc shock absorber.

The case diameter is 42 mm, which looks like the perfect size for a man’s practical and elegant watch. The hands, numerals, and indices are all coated with Superluminova, so it is easy to read the watch in the dark. The stainless steel case, the screw-down steel case back with mineral crystal and the sapphire crystal with an anti-reflecting coating on both sides make the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch one of the most resistant and beautifully designed stainless steel watches of the day. Let’s not forget the revolutionary hidden crown sealing system and the exquisite Fortis logo on the crown.

Another common feature of the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches is the classy black dial with Arabic numerals which makes the line look both conventional and modern. Regarding precision and duration, we can say that these watches are meant to last forever. They are water resistant 200 meters deep, and though all retailers offer a two-year Fortis guarantee, you will not need any repairing for quite a long time after purchase. These watches are no toys; they have been created according to well-established standards and are ready to prove that to you constantly.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot Watches are available with different straps. You may choose from the black leather one, which goes perfectly with the elegant black dial or the matte stainless steel bracelet which makes the watch stand out as an elegantly-designed new piece of jewelry. For those who prefer a warmer color, there is also a brown leather strap which softens the sobriety of the watch a bit.

One of the most common, and useful features of a good pilot watch, is a flight computer. Named after the E6-B flight computer that pilots use to calculate time/speed/distance, the flight computer watch provides a miniature version that you can use on the fly (literally).

Along with time/speed/distance calculations, the flight computer is also useful for calculating fuel consumption, statute/nautical mile conversions, metric to English conversions, or even currency calculations.

As a commercial helicopter pilot, I often use my Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk for these calculations. For a helicopter pilot, the ability to make these calculations with something as small as a wristwatch is precious as we have little space, and often, no co-pilot to help us.

If you are buying a pilot watch with this feature, there are a few things to look for:

1. Ensure the numbers are large enough to read. I have purchased a great looking pilot watch, only to realize later that the numbers were so small, that I needed a magnifying glass to read them. Not much good when you’re upside down in a thunderstorm trying to find your way home.

2. Bezel manufacturing quality. If the bezel is cheaply made, you will find that eventually, it becomes impossible to rotate it.

3. Engraved numbers. Ensure that the numbers on the outside bezel are engraved into the bezel itself. If they are “painted” on, it will only be a matter of time before they disappear with wear.

Twenty One Jewel recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Sinn 856 UTC Pilots Watch, on loan from Define Watches. This watch is technical and practical to the core. Functionality has certainly determined its form; a priority that remains in the making of a Pilots watch. The readability is near perfect. It is a joyfully effortless experience to read and adjust the watch. Such is true also of the Sinn 656, on which this model builds. However, the addition of the UTC in the 856 adds a much-appreciated function, without detracting or distracting.

The Sinn 856 UTC incorporates some very impressive technology. The case boasts Regiment: Simons’ latest innovation in hardening, which greatly improves the scratch resistance of the steel case. Unlike other case protection, Regiment does not involve the application of any film or coating. This is a watch well equipped to handle subjection to rugged environments, allowing the wearer the luxury of confident absentmindedness.

Signs’ Ar-Dehumidifying Technology is also a feature; solving the problem of the effects of moisture in the air contained in mechanical watches. The filter changes blue when needing replacement. Also, Magnetic Field Protection is used throughout the watch. The 856 UTC is protected against the adverse effects of magnetism by using a protective sheath consisting of a closed, magnetically soft inner case that includes the dial, the movement holding ring and the case back.

This particular 856 UTC is fitted with a Sinn silicone strap. These silicone straps are incredibly comfortable, although perhaps a little vulnerable to catching and splits. A certain care has to be taken especially when putting on or taking off the watch. This is mainly due to the tang-type buckle and the finesse required to position the strap in its loops. This problem could be solved well by using Simons’ silicone band with a Regiment deployment clasp. Or, the watch is also available with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

Whatever accusation may come for lack of romance is probably irrelevant. The beauty of this watch is the brilliantly executed, practicality driven engineering and design. The Sinn 856 UTC, although perhaps not as indestructible as the Sinn U1 Regiment, or as elegant as the Sinn 6110 Technik, is nevertheless a very good looking, and highly functional watch. The dimensions (40mm x 11mm) mean it can transition between industrial and formal, looking as at home under a dress shirt as it does in a workshop.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch is specially designed and targeted at pilots and astronauts who spend a lot of time in the air. As the same with most watches, it does not only tell time but also acts as a statement of the wearer.

The Fortis watches were first unveiled in 1912, which were well received among those people who like adventurous life like pilots and astronauts. The mechanical functions with high precision and accuracy make them an ideal choice for anyone who ventures into the sky.

The Fortis B-42 Pilot watch stands out in the Fortis watches collection for its splendid combination of soberness and elegance, yet suitable for the life in the air. It contains 25 jewels and an Incabloc shock absorber together with an ETA automatic movement, day and date indications, sweep seconds and 28, 800 semi-vibrations per hour. The superLuminova polished hands, numerals, and indices enable it easy to read in the dark environment. The mineral crystal and the sapphire crystal which has the effect of anti-reflecting are infused on the back of the stainless steel case, making it very practical in the special environment. All these distinguishing features make it a dream watch for many people.

One prominent feature that makes the Fortis B-42 Pilot watch stand out from other watches lies on its classic black dial with Arabic numerals, which adds both conventional and modern features to the timepiece. It has various straps, including black leather strap, brown leather strap and so on.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Fortis watch that is suitable for adventurous movements, then I would recommend that you go for the Fortis B-42 Pilot Watch. It would be a good choice since it is worthy every penny of your money.

It starts when you’re a kid, and you see your first plane in the sky. You want to fly, and you dream of riding high up in the air. But then maybe like most of us, you don’t end up becoming a hot shot pilot like you wanted. But even than the love for aviation never goes away. Most of us still like playing with remote controlled planes, flight simulators or any other such aviation gadget.

If you are not a pilot that doesn’t mean you can not wear a hot shot pilot watch. This watch is loaded with cool features. When you are attempting to review the watch, it becomes little difficult as where to start with the JY0000-53E? The first and best feature about this watch is eco-drive technology, which allows your watch to be powered by light. No battery, no fuss about replacing one either. You can see why Citizen thought this to be a very important feature to add to their signature pilot watch. Another important feature is multiple time zone capabilities, where time in up to 43 cities can be viewed via the world time function.

Taking a look at the extremely detailed dial of the JY0000-53E you can see with even more depth why this is the best of the best when it comes to a fashionable, smart, and stylish pilot watch. A flight chronograph and perpetual calendar round out the most basic features. It is not possible to include all the features and technical details of this watch here, to know them and everything that this watch is capable of you would have to read the official product manual distributed by Citizen watches because the watch has an incredible amount of functions and features. A black dial and stainless steel bracelet gives the watch look of luxury and sophistication. Imagine walking into a room with this Citizen skyhawk watch on, Imagine all the attention and stares and conversations that will start up because you’re wearing a hot shot pilot watch. This watch certainly is good pick for it’s looks, for it’s rich features and for it’s style.

Another solid feature on this Citizen watch is the atomic timekeeping. This will ensure that no matter where you are, your watch will be receiving signals regulating the accuracy of the watch and keeping the accuracy to the highest degree. You may not wear a pilot’s uniform to work every day, but you can definitely wear this watch 

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