The Absolute Best Nixon Watches For 2020 – Reviewed!

Nixon watches are contemporary wristwatches designed for teenagers, youths, and adults. They come in designs that are unique in the watchmaker’s industry. Nixon watches can be found to suit almost any occasion. There are models that can be worn for activities like skating, snowboarding, surfing, etc. There are very few watchmakers that manufacture wristwatches that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. But Nixon has always managed to come up with outstanding wristwatches made from the most durable materials which will certainly stand the test of time.

Nixon watches are made from a variety of materials. You can choose from leather, canvas, rubber, silicone, stainless steel, etc. Here are some excellent models for you to check out.

The Sentry SS for standard wear

The Sentry SS is perhaps one of the most excellent Nixon watches of all time. This is a clean and cool wristwatch that comes with a durable stainless-steel band and case. This wristwatch is built to last as it has every feature required to keep it intact for years. The raised bezel is meant to give additional protection to the stainless-steel body. You can wear this model to almost all kinds of occasions. The black case is imprinted with glowing lime green markings. It comes in a classic combo display along with a day/date function.

The Sentry Leather for the classy look

Some people just can’t keep away from wearing a leather strap on their wrists at all times. There are many reasons why leather strapped watches are preferred over other models of wristwatches. For one thing, they are more comfortable on the wrist than stainless-steel or rubber-strapped watches. Secondly, they don’t fade like stainless steel or wear out like rubber. The Sentry Leather wristwatch from Nixon comes in a charming brown leather band and a stylish stainless-steel case. It has a black dial with clear yellow markings. There is a highly beneficial date/day display as well.

The Chrono Wristwatch 48-20

The Chrono 48-20 is another stunning model from Nixon scaled to fit almost any situation. This is a formal wristwatch inspired by the speed and torque measuring instruments. This wristwatch is constructed entirely from stainless steel. The round casing holds a gold-painted dial that features a day/day function and a chronograph. This wristwatch comes water resistant for up to 50 meters and is ideal for shallow water swimming, snorkeling and such. This wristwatch is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone’s mind – so it’s the perfect choice for you if you like showing off in a crowd.

The Quatro from Nixon

The Quatro from Nixon is one of the newest models released by the company. It is the very first of its kind as this wristwatch takes full advantage of the solid, stainless-steel case, the ultra-hardened mineral crystal glass; triple gasket enamel filled steel crown and much more. The case is unique as it has a square shaped check-designed dial and blue markings. This amazing wristwatch from Nixon watches works on modern Miyota Japanese quartz 3-hand movement.

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You can never fail with sales, discounts or any bargaining tactics on products that teenagers crave to own. Particularly when products for example smartphones, skateboards, fashion accessories as well as makeup could emerge expensive to own, the majority of them always try to get what they need at the smallest price possible. Cheap Nixon Watches caught the interest of numerous youngsters to be inexpensive and fashionably famous at the same time. For that youth of today, finding affordable Nixon watches is a superb bonus since these watches are desired because of their design as well as their association with everything cool, especially among the active crowd engaged in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.

Watch brand Nixon makes a reputation of its own, predominantly one of the young population, in most parts of the planet. In keeping with its brand, unique style, and product demand, certain watch models can be quite expensive for what an ordinary young adolescent can afford. Many young adults have to deal with the allowances they get using their parents. Eventually, owning a Nixon immediately may as well be a “wait” for a long period. But cheap Nixon watches will produce an opportunity for them to end up buying one. This affordable Nixon watches may be a little hard to find, but when one is the intent of getting his/her favorite watch model in a bargain, then it may well be a good idea to find great sources of such discounts and bargain.

Why don’t you begin with relatives, friends or neighbors who currently owned one or perhaps ask if they are fully aware somebody that is willing to sell you cheap Nixon watch? At some stage in time, some of these people may discard their old Nixon watches to purchase some new ones. Without question, it will likely be sold for the much lower price. If having these watches “second-hand” isn’t a concern, then one might have them cheaper. Plus, as being a known with a friends or family adds to the chance of getting the much more low price that is a great thing. Some may even get the watches for free. While referrals are a plus, displaying persuasive attitude could close an offer.

Online retails stores may also be a great venue to find cheap Nixon watches. Online stores such as Ebay or Amazon sells the wide selection of discounted items, and these watches could be one of them. And also, since Nixon watches are associated and marketed with assorted surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding events, discount offers are not limited to online watch stores. Bargain sales for Nixon sports watch during these discount stores could be just around the corner.

It may also be good to take a look at various events that are sponsored by Nixon watches to locate cheap and affordable ones. Nixon watches are also found in Billabong International, and also the company behind these brands holds various events at different places. Nixon Surf Challenge is just one of the many events where surfers from all over the world meet and compete in place. If teenagers or young adults visit all the various booths present in the event, probably they’ll find cheap Nixon watches sold at Nixon booths.

Before you think of confirming your order, you are supposed to take few additional minutes and check the return and replacement policies of the store along with effects like shipping and cost. If you want to play securely in online shopping, always shop from reputed online store including Salty Liquid as here you can only find quality and nothing additional than that with reasonably priced deals.

At some point in people’s young lives, there’ll always be that craving to become part of the “in” crowd and not be just someone else. These new things that people usually see on the TV or heard on the radio make one wants to own it the greater. Owning one or even more Nixon watches certifies that you have the trend. Wearing gadgets like these will improve the brand new generation. Nixon watches would be the cool watches for skateboarding and surfing fanatics. People who prefer skiing like snowboarding are also found in people who wants to have Nixon Watches to look trendy and hip.

In 1997, California began the trend from the new watch genre in sports. Nixon watches were designed with the youth and active lifestyle in mind even from the start. Watches go through a comprehensive process of research and development using the design concepts centered on the surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding lifestyle. From its humble beginnings in California, Nixon watches, and the whole Nixon brand grew tremendously using its products now distributed in more than 20 countries around the globe.

Nixon watches started with only seven models during its launch in California in 1997. During this period, Nixon watches were already marketed towards the surfing crowd. Eventually, the company expanded to focus on the skateboarding and snowboarding markets and thereby increasing its attract the youth. Watches produced by Nixon go into the global market in 2000 which started off in France. Six years later, the Nixon Company was officially bought by Billabong International, which is also another brand for clothes and accessories that are associated with the surfing lifestyle. With simply the same vision because the original Nixon Company, Billabong International could promote Nixon watches in various specialty markets. And merely recently, the Nixon line including Nixon watches became a partnership of Billabong and Trilantic Capital Partners using the original Nixon founders still having stakes within the said venture.

Nixon Watches are ideal for an active way of life like snowboarding as well as skateboarding. It has been noted that it is the best wrist watch you can purchase. This kind of wristwatch has come up with the best idea for any sports enthusiast.

The folks behind Nixon watches, and it is other products may change, but it proceeds to compete well with other snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding accessories on the market. More and more young people see Nixon watches because the cool watches to possess and they are designed specifically for their active lifestyle needs. Nixon also watches still appeal to the youth due to the modern designs and funky colors of various watch models. These active young watch owners choose colors that pop out either their watch or their gears. When one surfs or do skateboards, wearing these watches double the excitement. The company initiates tournaments with great prizes for all young adults with an active lifestyle. One famous competition for surfers all over the world who aims to obtain one from the fabulous prizes may be the Nixon Surf Challenge in San Sebastian Spain. Sports events like these promote these watches along with other Nixon products as a must-have gadget.

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