The Absolute Best Kids Ski Goggles For 2020 – Reviewed!

Kids ski goggles are a crucial ski and snowboarding accessory whose function is to protect the kid’s eye from the sun, the wind, and the snow. Seasoned snowboarders understand that wearing ski goggles is very important to a kid’s safety and protection from the elements. Most folks find mountain environment to be harsh when it comes to wind, light, and other weather conditions. For example, the sunlight that reflects against the snow may be too glaring for the eyes of the child. Also, UV rays have the potential to cause damage to the eyes and result in cataracts at the end.

Therefore, it is necessary for a child to wear kids ski goggles to cushion him or her from all these. Although sunglasses can also provide protection from the UV rays, sunglasses cannot be worn for extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding.

The kids ski goggles usually possess strong frames, thus, making the goggles very hard to break. Whenever you are purchasing ski goggles for your child, ensure that the goggles have a very strong frame to provide enough protection for the child when they are skiing. The kids’ ski goggles should also come with a foam-like layer that ensures the child is comfortable when putting on the glares.

And to increase visibility, kids ski goggles come with dual frame glasses. Many renown ski goggles manufacturing companies build goggles with an anti-fog coating that helps prevent fogging up, thus, ensuring maximum safety of the child throughout the whole skiing and snowboarding experience. That is not all. The ski goggles are also designed in such a way that they provide protection against chilly winter air that often blows across mountain slopes and causes eyes to water as well as prevent dust particles from entering the eye. And to cushion the child’s eye in case of a fall during the skiing experience, most of the goggles are made shatterproof.


The pricing of the kids ski goggles varies depending on the brand and the number of features the particular goggle packs. However, remember it is safety first. While you can land a decent pair of cheap ski goggles that will give your child the needed protection for the time being, it is important to consider a pair of goggles that has polycarbonate lenses that are designed to last for many trips down the slopes. You can also find goggles that have an interchangeable lens and articulating outriggers etc.

It is worth mentioning that the kids ski goggles come in various lens’ types. There are a variety of options to take care of the different light conditions your child plans on skiing in. The impressive range of lens types provide different ways to see the mountain slopes. For example, there are polarized lenses which reduce the amount of glare from the snow and the sun. Then there are photocromatic lens which can automatically darken or lighten depending on the surrounding light conditions. You can have mirrored or non-mirrored lenses as well. The mirrored lenses help to reduce glare by reflecting extra light and allowing less light through the lens. Non-mirrored lens, on the other hand, do not filter out some light. Therefore, the non-mirrored lenses are ideal for overcast days or night time.

Who Makes the Kids Ski Goggles

Kids ski goggles are built by the companies that usually produce sports equipment. For example, Adidas, Nike, Alpina, Bloc, Dakota, and Calvin Klein are some of the notable manufacturers of kids ski goggles.

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