The Absolute Best Golf Travel Bags For 2020 – Reviewed!

Golf playing is certainly an exciting sport, considering that you can travel to various destinations where tournaments are being held. It’s thus necessary that golfers have the right golf travel bags to ensure protection of their clubs and other accessories while on the journeys. Golf bags are important, whether travelling by air or on land. There are two main kinds of golf travel bags, namely soft cover and hard cover bags.

1. Hard-Cover/Hard-Sided Golf Bags

Purchasing one of these is among the best investments golfers can ever make. They feature a soft interior cover, high quality fabric that’s gentle to the clubs, ample storage space and durable protection that’s enhanced by the hard, solid exterior.

2. Soft Golf Bags

These best suit golfers who’re simply searching for convenience when moving from and to the playing field. They usually have adequate storage space for the cart bag, in addition to extra pads which offer suitable protection to the clubs. Some have rollers which makes it easy for one to pull them along while moving. They’re fitted with a handle and two wheels.

The Best Golf Travel Bags

Determining the best golf travel bags will be dependent on the kind of travel you’ll be doing, as well as how often you’ll be traveling. Basically, those are the most crucial considerations. Once you’ve determined that, you can start looking at other factors, such as style, extra features, etc. There are dozens of options to choose from when it comes to golf travel bags. All of these choices can play a significant role in your final decision.

1. Take Measurements

First and foremost, record measurements of the golf set you currently have. This should be done before moving to other factors. How long is your driver? Your driver here is the longest club you’ve. Golf travel bags are designed to hold drivers between 48 and 51 inches long. Ascertain that the bag you select can accommodate your long driver comfortably.

The size of an appropriate golf travel bag should neither be too big nor too small. In case the bag is too big, chances are that the clubs will shift, hitting against the side of the bag or hitting each other. This could damage them, especially if it’s a hard-sided bag. Conversely, if the bag is very small, chances are that the clubs won’t fit, especially when their playing bag is included.

2. How Do You Plan to Travel?

If you’re planning to travel by air, you’ll require a bag that’s adequate for the task. If you intend to ship your golf clubs as checked baggage, a hard-sided bag would be more appropriate. Hard-sided bags offer the most protection for your clubs as they can be pulled easily on the airport’s rough course without causing any damage. A soft-sided bag would be appropriate if you’ll be traveling using ground transportation or in your own vehicle.

3. Consider the Quality of the Bag

Quality is yet another important factor worth consideration when purchasing a golf bag. If you purchase a low quality bag, it’ll start wearing out soon. You’ll then be prompted to buy another one, probably in a few months. In the cases of both soft-sided and hard-sided bags, there are many different models of varying quality. A hard-sided bag’s quality is determined by its thickness as compared to other bags. For soft-sided bags, you’d need to consider the strength and gauge of the fabric, and how well the stitching has been reinforced.Quality goes hand in hand with comfort. A comfortable golf bag is a high quality bag. Check the fitting of the bag’s straps and test how easy it’s to carry the bag. It’d be wiser to go for a bag that’s padded on the interior, whether it’s soft-sided or hard-sided. A thicker bag translates to a better bag. Obtain the thickest you can comfortably afford. Ensure to protect your investment by getting a high quality bag- one that offers real value for the longest time.

4. Look for the Extras

To define which bag would suit you best, you need to consider how you’ll want to move it from a certain location to another. Wheels can be appealing, especially if you don’t like the prospect of carrying the bag. Choosing between a bag that has padded shoulder straps and one that has multiple handles is entirely dependent on how you want to transport the bag. Each of the aforementioned features, in addition to inside compartments for hard-sided bags and pockets for soft-sided bags, are unquestionably important.

5. Select the Appropriate Style

Generally, style is a minor issue. It’s usually the deciding factor between different models, once you’ve exhausted considering all other features. Golf travel bags are available in numerous different colors and designs, from sophisticated plain black to even more imaginative colors and patterns. You might decide to pick one that reflects your general personality.

Choose the Right Golf Travel Bag

Last but not least, stay within your budget but ensure to get maximum value for your money. A reliable bag would be one that’s spacious enough to hold all other necessary gears. Golfing journeys ought to be exciting and a great experience. You can make traveling with golf clubs easy just by investing in a high quality, reliable golf travel bag. It helps to easily move all golfing equipment that you need with ease, whilst offering the needed protection. These bags are commonly found in sport houses and sports’ equipment stores all around the gl

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