2020’s Best GPS Golf Watches – Reviewed!

We can consider a golf GPS watch to be actually a caddie which is strapped to the wrist of an individual who has walked numerous times on the golf course. After going through this article you’ll be able to make a sound decision on the ideal golf GPS watch which should help to deal with the challenges of virtually every golf course on the planet. Even though the majority of the golf GPS watches can boast of the identical basic features, all of these watches are not created the same. While many of them provide the user with some unique features which are customized to the particular type of golfer, the others tend to have fewer features and they are also more inexpensive.

You might be searching for a golf GPS watch which will be able to measure the distance right from the tee to the green accurately at each one of the local golf courses or you might also be interested in a GPS watch which features course odometer, a digital scoreboard as well as some other essential features. In the following paragraphs, our reviews will be providing you with a proper analysis elaborating on exactly what the market can offer as well as the pros and cons of every watch. Having said that, the following happens to be our top recommendations:

1. ScoreBand Golf

Colors: Black

Although it might not be the most attractive golf watch on the market, the ScoreBand Golf is undoubtedly quite affordable. It implies that you must know what your expectations are when it comes to the features of a golf GPS watch. Among the top features, we should mention the scorecards and the shot distance measurements. Apart from being water resistant, the watch will also be able to detect the nearest golf course automatically while storing as much as 10 rounds of golf which mean that it has got all the basics covered.

2. Bushnell Neo Ion

Colors: Charcoal and Black

This streamlined golf watch crams in as many as 30 countries in 35,000 courses and has the ability to automatically recognize your location. It is also able to automatically record hole advances after providing useful shot distance readings which will help you to plan ahead. The battery life happens to be as much as 16 hours, which is approximately 3 full rounds before it is required to be recharged and this is obviously a fantastic feature of this awesome golf watch. Furthermore, it happens to be waterproof as well.

3. Callaway GPSy Sport Watch

Colors: Black and White

Being a top quality golf brand, this GPSpy is full of many essential features. It can recognize 30,000 golf courses automatically which give you access to carry distances and green layup plus doglegs and hazards. Apart from this, it is also able to auto score while keeping track of the steps. The battery is going to last for approximately 10 hours in the GPS mode in case you position it close to the top of the longevity pile.

4. TomTom Golfer 2

Colors: Black and Light Gray

One significant reason to put on this watch will be to track your game; however, automatic shot detection is also offered by other GPS watches. Analyzing the game data by making use of the MySports app is one of the main offerings of this top quality watch. You are able to review the shot patterns by using the application which will enable you to understand whether you’re missing fairways to the right or the left, for instance. You can also be able to compare the identical hole across various rounds of the 48,000 stored golf courses. In a nutshell, this watch should make monitoring your game much easier and will also allow you to go on working on your game while you are back to the clubhouse.

5. Garmin Vivoactive

Colors: Black and White

Even though the Vivoactive does golf, it can be a lot more than merely a golf watch. It is actually an action tracker for running, cycling as well as swimming, and moreover, it performs more than a smartwatch having phone notifications. You will get lay-up distances, yardage, and also GPS course maps. Besides this, it happens to be slim enough to be put on daily, having a battery which goes for about three weeks in the watch mode. On top of this, it works along with the Garmin Connect IQ application store, which means that fresh offerings will always be created to enhance the application.

6. GolfBuddy BB5

Colors: Black, Teal, White, Orange, Navy, Pink and Lime

The GolfBuddy BB5 is a significant golf wearable in spite of its small size as well as an approachable label. This particular streamlined compact device comes with a LED display, which will be able to show distances to the green while it progresses automatically between the holes. Additionally, it happens to be pre-installed with more than 40,000 courses in the databanks and measures the shots utilizing an accelerometer. Furthermore, one can wear it every day as an activity tracker.

7. SkyCaddie Linx GT

Colors: Black

This Linx GT is not merely a wearable, but also a part of a package. The Linx GT, along with an application plus a club sensor, performs a lot more than just measuring shots employing GPS, given that it will be able to evaluate each and every swing perfectly. According to the manufacturer, the GPS of this watch improves precision over applications by as much as 300% while preserving the phone’s battery as well. The yardage on the watch will be displayed by the readout on the screen, or you may also get out your cell phone for a more in depth shot analysis as well as course map. Also, the calorie, step, and distance tracking enable it to be more productive as a standard fitness tracker.

8. GolfBuddy WT4

Colors: Black or Silver

The WT4 can boast of a brushed metallic finish as well as an angular layout, which is actually mirrored in the software’s nature. A simple-to-use interface, as well as a rapidly updating yardage, are all that this watch is about. The distance measures plus all the typical score-keeping are there as well, which includes vibrant green view, distance to hazards and targets, as well as pin positioning. This waterproof watch has got 45,000 worldwide courses onboard, which will be recognized by it automatically prior to monitoring holes by itself as well. You are not restricted to golf since the GPS monitoring furthermore works for other sports activities too.

9. Garmin Approach S6

Colors: Light and Dark Orange

Garmin happens to be at the top of its game with regards to geolocation, with over twenty years of knowledge in the military as well as nautical programs, thus a golf course is simple pickings. The emphasis on accuracy indicates calculating your distance to the hole, pin or green is straightforward and clear in no time. More than 40,000 courses with cost-free improvements are logged, with “green view” plus “course view”, while the Garmin IQ store provides a large number of apps built particularly for golfing-related jobs. Motion sensors are going to be employed to determine your stroke and provide techniques for improvement, and it also goes a significant 20 weeks in between charges or ten hours in the GPS setting.

10. Garmin Approach S60

Colors: Black and White

In spite of the fact that it not as pricey or feature-packed as the Garmin Fenix 5, the Approach S60 happens to be the flagship golfing watch of the company, mixing a fashionable build along with a 240 x 240 color display screen and lots of features. You will find more than 40,000 courses pre-installed, including info like accurate yardages to shades of green, dangers, and doglegs. The S60 will likewise instantly record the place as well as the distance between every shot, whilst its PlaysLike characteristic enables the S60 to take elevation modifications between the player as well as the target into consideration and determine what the distance is going to play like. The watch will also act as an over-all activity tracker, monitoring steps, distance as well as sleep, offering you alerts when you have not moved adequately and even displaying smartphone notifications. In addition, it is water-resistant to five ATM and the battery can last as much as 10 hours in a golf setting.

Why Work with Golf Watch Technology?

It is prudent to constantly enhance your games considering the fact that you happen to be a golfer. While it might not be feasible to play the sport like Dustin Johnson or Jason Day, we can certainly control our games just like them. Having correct yardages plus info supplied by the most recent golf watch technologies is going to be the easiest and most successful way to control your game and also lower your ratings as well.

How can a golf watch assist my game?

We all try to fire reduced scores since golf is more pleasurable when you are busy making pars and birdies. We require precise info to be able to see more circles on the scorecard. In fact, a golf watch is basically a caddie for the amateurs. Can you remember when you watched for the first time a professional play without a caddy? Even the most effective golfers in the world are unable to hit excellent golf shots every single time they hit a ball. However, both amateur and professional golfers

can acquire accurate yardages for playing better golf.

You might think that you will be able to acquire yardages from the sprinkler heads on the course; however, there is a tendency to eliminate them. Even though you’re are able to locate one, yardage markers have the yardage only to the center of the green. Thus the golfers are left without any genuine distance to the pin. You are never likely to hit a golf shot to the green by speculating the yardage. It is quite challenging to hit a wedge to a scoring distance, and it gets extremely difficult in case you’re speculating yardages.

Even though some courses have got GPS yardage systems on the carts, you just cannot depend on it since these carts aren’t accepted enough to depend on. Furthermore, in case you like to walk the golf course, they will not assist you during your round. Moreover, these golf cart GPS systems also are usually less precise in comparison to the most recent golf watch technologies.

Golf watch technologies are getting advanced

You are permitted to move the pin at any place on the green using the golf watches such as the Garmin S6 which feature color touch displays. You can receive laser sharp yardages thanks to the innovative engineering in these golf watches. As a matter of fact, no more speculating will be involved. They help to make the most challenging sport on this planet a little simpler – something which every single golfer will praise. A delicate difference in golf can imply all the differences on earth. We can safely assert that that in case the professionals are able to use golf watches in competitions, they should do so.

Golf is being played for fun, so why utilize a golf watch?

It is a fact, and not each and every golfer cares regarding their score when the day comes to an end. In fact, lots of golfers do not maintain score. Golf is a lot more than shooting a low number. Having a great time with buddies, and several solid shots, and perhaps a couple of birdies must be good enough. This sort of pondering will definitely aid your mental health. Although a chunked wedge is not the end of everything, playing a sluggish round can nevertheless be extremely irritating. Fortunately, improvements such as golf watches are quickening the game. It’s not essential to spend time searching for yardage markers once you have golf watch secured to the wrist which is a gadget that feeds you precise yardages from virtually any location on the golf course. Golf watches are going to save you both effort as well as time thus allowing you to concentrate on enjoying yourself with your buddies and hitting top quality shots.

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